About Our Company

"Dominate" was founded in year 2011."Dominate" is delivering various software & web solutions for Corporate Clients. We are dedicated to you, our customers, in serving the exacting needs of total solution with an ever expanding combination of products and services for resellers and end users. Think of "Dominate" for variety, experience, responsiveness and reliability.
We have a team of highly professional and expert Engineers having very vast experience. We have installed and are maintaining many such systems. Our products are very cost-effective and you will find them extremely beneficial for yourself, your family, and your business. "Dominate" is committed to performance for its customers. Market expansion is accomplished through a combination of aggressive sales activity, excellent technical support, territory knowledge, pro-active marketing, ethics, and professionalism.

Dominate has a long and rich history of working to develop software, website, web application, etc. Through the years, our researchers have helped to find new ways to develop products. Our developers also have helped develop many products to improve your business & social life.

Our Products

We develop both web & software applications. We marketed Accounting Software, Inventory Software, Payroll Software, POS Software, Property Management Software, Hospital & Lab Management Software, Conveyance Software, Time Attendance Software, Website Design, Corporate IT Support & much more.We have a team of highly professional and expert Engineers having very vast experience. We have installed and are maintaining many such systems. Our products are very cost-effective and you will find them extremely beneficial for yourself, your family, and your business. "Dominate" is committed to performance for its customers. Market expansion is accomplished through a combination of aggressive sales activity, excellent technical support, territory knowledge, pro-active marketing, ethics, and professionalism.

Billing and order processing

Sales monitoring and reporting

Inventory and stock management Solution

Customer relationship and experience

Why Choose Us

We have highly skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using the latest software standards
We have built a large pool of knowledge that we apply to deliver solutions that meet client's needs, expectations and budget
We put our clients at the heart of everything we do, we are proud that we are still supporting our very first business client.


Quick keys and/or product lookup

Quick keys are shortcuts within your POS system that allow associates to hit a single button for a commonly sold item.

User accounts and permissions

Unless you’re a one-person operation, chances are you’ll have multiple people working your registers.

Integrated Accounts

Mobile registers are fantastic because they allow you to ring someone anywhere in the store preventing queues

Inventory management

Inventory management is the next segment that you should look for in a retail management system, whether you have 5 products or 5,000.



  1. Excel Upload & Copy Paste Facility
  2. Unlimited Product Entry
  3. Multi Warehouse Facility
  4. Barcode Sales
  5. Product Duplicate Notification
  6. Purchase
  7. Purchase Return
  8. Internal Transfer facility
  9. Damage Entry
  10. Sales Return  / Product Exchange
  11. Income Statement
  12. Stock Details
  13. Store Maintenance
  14. Related Report
  15. Real-time Stock Notification
  16. Integrated Accounting
  17. Customer/Supplier Management
  18. Customer/Supplier Ledger
  19. Cash Collection
  20. Bank Collection
  21. Trail Balance
  22. Pos Print
  23. Barcode Generation and Low-cost Print facility
  24. Serial No wise Sales to Check Warranty period
  25. Per Invoice Wise Profit calculation.
  26. User wise permission
  27. Excel Export Facility
  28. User Transaction History.
  29. Other Expense
  30. Voucher Entry
  31. Faster sales
  32. Multiple sales from the Same window.
  33. Phone number-wise user tracking.
  34. Due Notification.
  35. Product-wise discount facility.

  1. Chart Of Accounts Entry.
  2. Chart of Accounts Tree View.
  3. Debit Voucher
  4. Credit Voucher
  5. Contra Voucher
  6. LC Voucher
  7. Journal
  8. Ledger
  9. Trial Balance
  10. Owners Equity Statement
  11. Income Statement
  12. Balance sheet.
  13. Cost Breakup.
  14. Notes report.
  15. Fixed Asset Schedule.
  16. Bank Reconciliation.
  17. Voucher Report.
  18. Audit Trail Report.
  19. Transaction Details and Summary Report.
  20. Cost Centre wise Entry and Report.
  21. Multiple Currency in a Same voucher.
  22. Multiple Debit Credit Entry in Same voucher.
  23. Currency wise ledger .

  1. Domain Registration
  2. Web Hosting
  3. e-Commerce.
  4. HTML
  5. CSS
  6. PHP
  7. Flash
  8. ASP.NET
  9. WordPress
  10. Joomla
  11. Magento
  12. Open Cart etc

  1. Free Anti-Virus Support
  2. Free Anti-Virus Update
  3. Online Base Support
  4. Network Service
  5. Automatically “My Document” Backup
  6. Automatic E-mail Backup
  7. Hardware Support and much more

  1. Daily Employee Status
  2. Daily IN-OUT
  3. Daily Late Report
  4. Daily Absent
  5. Daily Attendance Summary
  6. Employee Info
  7. Employee Job card
  8. Salary Calculation
  9. Payslip.
  10. Compliance report.
  11. Released Report.
  12. EL Calculation And Payment.
  13. KPI.
  14. Mobile Attendance Facility.
  15. Card Print.
  16. Salary Adjustment
  17. Demolition
  18. Missing In / Out Time Report.
  19. OT Sheet.
  20. Income – Tax Sheet.

  1. Sales Entry
  2. Doctor Entry
  3. Test Entry
  4. Department Entry
  5. Sales Return
  6. Due Collection
  7. Department wise sales History
  8. Department-wise Profit.
  9. Doctors Commission.
  10. Instrument Entry
  11. Sales Return Entry
  12. Local Doctor Entry
  13. Sales Statement
  14. Doctors List
  15. BioChemistry Report
  16. X-Ray Report
  17. Immunology Report
  18. Hormone Report
  19. Bio-Chemistry wrong Report
  20. Urine Analysis (M) Report
  21. Febrile Report
  22. Glucose Report
  23. Culture Report
  24. Urine Analysis Report
  25. Stool R/E Analysis Report
  26. Widal Entry Report
  27. Hematological Report

  1. Import
  2. Proforma Invoice
  3. Back to Back LC
  4. Machinery
  5. Accessories
  6. Yarn LC
  7. Chemical LC
  8. Import Invoice [CI]
  9. Document Acceptance [DA]
  10. Buyer / Supplier Bank Acc
  11. Work Order
  12. Import Doc. Automation
  13. BBLC Details Report
  14. CNF Import Bill
  15. Export
  16. Sales Contact Information
  17. Master LC / Contact
  18. Group LC
  19. Export Invoice [EI]
  20. 40 buyers invoice format
  21. Realization Entry
  22. Export Doc. Automation
  23. Export Bill
  24. Document Approval
  25. Shipment Status Report
  26. Over Due Shipment
  27. Margin Status
  28. Supplier Bill Maturity
  29. Available Margin
  30. Proforma Invoice Status
  31. Shipment But Bill Not Done
  32. Shipment Schedule
  33. Forth Coming Shipment
  34. Payment Status [Export]
  35. FDBP
  36. Cash Incentive
  37. Import Doc. Automation
  38. BBLC Open
  39. Collection Of Proceeds
  40. Bill Of Exchange
  41. Commercial Invoice
  42. Packing List
  43. Beneficiary Certificate
  44. Delivery Challan
  45. Truck Challan
  46. Certificate Of Origin
  47. Pre Shipment Inspection Certificate
  48. FTT Issue
  49. FDD Issue
  50. Bill Discounting
  51. All Report In a Single File
  52. Export Doc. Automation
  53. Export Invoice
  54. Country Of Origin
  55. GSP
  56. BL Draft
  57. Bill Of Exchange
  58. KPT
  59. SAFTA
  60. AFTA
  61. MCD
  62. B255
  64. Request Of COO
  65. Collection Of Proceeds
  66. Certificate Of Origin
  67. EPB
  68. Buyer Groups
  69. Buyer Information’s
  70. Notify Party / Co-Signee
  71. Supplier Info
  72. Company Info
  73. Consignee Info
  74. Concern Bank
  75. Concern Bank Account No
  76. Buyer / Supplier Bank
  77. Currencies
  78. Unit Masters
  79. Port of loadings
  80. Port of Discharges
  81. Final Destination
  82. CNF Expense Type
  83. Item Groups
  84. Item Descriptions
  85. Employees
  86. Categories
  87. Sub Categories
  88. Companies

  1. SRR
  2. Normal Office Accessories (Comer from Various Office Desk)
  3.  PP wise Material Requisition
  4.  Extra Material Requisition for PP
  5.  Machine Requisition.
  6.  Issue
  7.  Partially
  8. Completely/ Fully
  9.  Purchase Requisition
  10.  Purchase Order
  11.  Purchase Order Valuation
  12. GRR
  13.  Finished Goods Receiving Date wise Order No Wise.
  14.  Finished goods Shipment Date wise Order No Wise.
  15.  Invoice or Bill for the Shipment Product
  16.  Bill Creation for Service bill / or Based on GRR [product receiving
  17. from supplier]
  18.  Issue Return
  19.  GRR return.
  20. Ledger Report / Product Register Report

  1.  Product Entry [name , spec , multiple supplier , rate , Brand , code , Different Store wise Quantity, Re-order Level Set , Reorder Quantity Set , Minimum Order Quantity]
    Article/Style Creation [article code and Article name and other necessary information]
  2. Size and Color wise style setup.
  3.  BOM Creation – Article Wise & Article Size Wise [Material and Sub Finished Goods] – and Also Link the Article Size with the Finished Goods Item.
  4. Indent Creation / Buyer PO / Order
  5. Master PO
  6. Country Wise PO Segment
  7. Invoice Wise Shipment Date and Receiving
  8.  Order Placement for Material Collection From Supplier
  9.  Crete PO Based on Order Number
  10. Receive Product by Merchandising PO Number
  11. Store Raw Material / Accessories Increased
  12. Finished Goods Receiving.
  13. Finished Goods Shipment
  14. Finished Goods Status.
  15. Approval Setup
  16. Document-wise approval.

  • 1. Booking /Work order [Also WEB Input]
    2. Booking List
    3. New DO/Job Order
    4. Multiple Truck Challan from Single Booking
    5. Multiple Truck Challan from Single Booking DO
    6. DO List
    7. Truck Challan
    8. Truck Challan List
    9. Date /Party wise date entry
    10. List of Cheques.
    11. Booking Approval List
    12. VAT Challan
    13. VAT Challan List
    14. Cheque Register
    15. Cheque Deposit Approval
    16. Date/party wise Commission Entry
    17. Commission Deposit Approval
    18. Party Wise Delivery Report
    19. Delivery Statement
    20. Customer Ledger
    21. Customer Reports
    22. Sales Report
    23. Customer Type
    24. New Customer Linked with Accounts
    25. Customer List
    26. Delivery Site
    27. Post Sales Voucher
    28. Sales Person
    29. Un Post Sales Voucher
    30. Do SMS List./Job Order List
    31. SMS Query
    32. Do Voucher List
    33. Sales Person Wise Do
    DO Bill List


Rubayet Fahad

Full stack web developer

Rakinul azim

Full stack web developer of Gtr

K.M Mezbaul Haque

Backend Web Developer

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We are a digital transformation consultancy and software development company that provides cutting-edge engineering solutions, helping Fortune 500 companies and enterprise clients untangle complex issues that always emerge during their digital evolution journey. Since 2007 we have been a visionary and a reliable software engineering partner for world-class brands.


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